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Fellowship ~ By Johis by Wolf-of-Samhain

Fellowship ~ By Johis


ZOMG, johis johis completed the art she made for me! spaz dance

Seriously, this is super important to me and means more than words will allow to express. It displays the feeling of oneness I have with my wolf brothers and sisters, the compassion I have for them, and eagerness to help in anyway possible...and more - much more. The wolves in the background also tell a tale for me in more ways than one. That's more personal though I didn't request it. I didn't really request anything with this piece, she just really captured me in more ways than I think she knows.

Johis, thank you so so so very much for this. You are one of my favorite people in this world and your talent is outstanding. This is by far the best piece of art I have ever received. hugs

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    Looks really nice, she always does such wonderful work. :)

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      Aw, thank you! And so do you!
      I've always loved your work and have been following you on FA for a few years :3
      I'm still trying to port all 1,300+ artists and friends I watch on FA to Weasyl though x.x

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        haha yea that can be a huge chore! Good luck with that! Thanks for following too. ;)

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          Ottermatic helps but when it's this many.....X.x
          And of course! Like I said, I love your art so it's my pleasure. :3
          Might even do a trade with ya too if you'd be up to it wink-wink nudge nudge X3