Jibbin Kodiyak by Wolf-of-Samhain

Jibbin Kodiyak


26 May 2018 at 20:09:28 MDT

I don't make these hardly at all anymore and after two days of cleaning, conditioning, drying, fluffing, and spinning just to get to the wire work, I remember why. XD
I'll need to remind myself to use a lot of lotion tonight for my paws. Got to keep them soft for massage!

Anyways, this is a gift for a totally awesome guy, Jib
You've probably seen some of his animations floating around now but if you haven't, you should really give his gallery a peek. He's incredibly talented and I'm sure you'll love his cute, short animations that'll make you laugh and smile. Perhaps you'll even relate to them! My favorite of his is the one with the duct tape....because I relate to that feeling all too well. X3

I'm not simply gifting him this for his obvious talent though. He was able to raise a lot of money through his art and decided to donated $1,000 to the American Humane Society. That gets my immediate stamp of approval and great respect. This dude rocks.

So this is just my little thank you to Jib for his creations and compassion. Art and love for animals means a great deal to me and a person's art is always better when they have a good heart too. At least it is for me ;3

I'm happy to create this and it was awesome to be able to deliver it in person at MFF 2017!

We need more people like him in the limelight!

Naturally shed wolf hair collected from wolves living at wolf sanctuaries (mix of Oscar and Gia, two grey wolves that live together)
Sterling Silver

I hope you'll like the gemstone choices, Jib! I went with your favorite colors ;3

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