{C} - There Will be Trials by Wolf_Malfunction

{C} - There Will be Trials


17 August 2015 at 03:57:46 MDT

I'm going to nerd out and say that it was quite an honor getting to draw such iconic characters. I proudly claim that I had read Rings of Time about three times before I even made a dA account (no lies) and an additional time since and these three are just so inspirational. Each with their own tests and trials yet they always come out on the other side. I hope to paint them again one day as it was very nostalgic as I haven't read the comic in a while but I am very excited for the new rendition! Here our trio is traveling through the icy waters of the Antarctic and Taire decided to take the high road while Venus and Mr. Grump strolled the low road~

arg!! I always feel like there's some big mistake that I'm missing, god forbid I nearly forgot Okura's scar (again) why does it elude me so? Anyways this was such a joy to paint ^^ Icebergs are much easier than iceflows for whatever reason so I went with them lol. Perspective feels a bit off to me but meh-- still proud of how each character came out, especially Venus! I look forward to seeing more of her :D Okura slays though (haha) ultimate >:C face precious boy~

Art ©: Dj-Lukaƒ
Characters ©: Okuraƒ

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