WaSk - Raindrops and Raichu by wolfgryph

WaSk - Raindrops and Raichu


30 December 2018 at 08:23:35 MST

Secret Santa pic for RaindropsJFL via the Furbase Secret Santa project that takes place every year. Big thanks to ahma and starburrow for their work setting this up and dealing with all the people there every year. :) 

Anyway, my secret santa has a love for Raichu so I wanted to depict this in a small sketch for him. I think it turned out quite cute and I sure hope he likes it! :D I sadly didn't have enough time to make more art for him. Maybe I will surprise him again with another small thing - got his address now, hrhr! ;) (yes, I know you are reading this - gotta tease a bit, don't I? ;) )


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