Sketch- Lunch Money by Wolfgonewide

Sketch- Lunch Money


13 August 2018 at 15:00:36 MDT

"Dude, the heck!?"
"Oh don't mind me Jared, I just came to wish you well in your latest endeavour to rejoin the Team. After all, there's so much of my lunch money sloshing around here I feel I have an investment in you."
"C-cut that out, fish-stick, or-"
"I'm glad to see it's not going to waist. I'm sure you'll have a... whale of a time out there."
"...Did you just call me FAT, Nerd!?"
"As if I would! Now, you will relieve me of my lunch money tomorrow, won't you? Only you've been a tad lax of late, and it's going to be meatballs tomorrow. I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss out on seconds of those, right?"
"...Y-you'd just better be there, geek. You don't want me to come running after you!"
"Oh, absolutly not. In fact, may I ingratiate myself now by offering you these doughnuts I just happen to have about my person? A little blood-sugar boost before practice?"
"~Snrf~ Ok. Hand 'em over."

I got the hankering to draw Bade Lemur's ( jumbo-sized shark-jock Jared, and he very kindly agreed. He mentioned that Jared could be something of a good-natured bully when it came to getting more food, so when I started sketching this rather silly little turnaround scenario came to mind. The biter bit, you might say.

Jared © Bade Lemur, with many thanks for allowing me to borrow his character. :)

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