Behind enemy lines by Wolfennar

Behind enemy lines


6 January 2016 at 20:53:44 MST

''But kid, did I ever told you about that time I was alone, stranded behind enemy lines...''

New manip, my third and best so far (according to me). Photo comes from way back in July when I took a few pictures with my airsoft gear to be then photo-manipulated by Pythos-Cheetah. Seeing as he only used one (of course), I though I might as well play with the best ones I took that day. Learned quite a bit with this one, though there is still much I need to learn. I'm supposed to be my fursona in it, but the markings (especially the head ones) aren't very visible. But yeah, quite happy with the result.

Resources used:


Fur texture and tail: by HOTNstock on DA

Head: by Sikaris-stock on DA