Chioxin's Big Wings by Wolfbird

Chioxin's Big Wings


22 February 2013 at 01:36:46 MST

A costume for a friend Chioxin!

He has two sets of wings, these are the upright version.

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Visual / Sewing / Knitting


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    You should probably add me to collections! Or something, then I can see how that feature works too. Though I want to see comments D= I don't think it lets me see those. =(

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      Given that collections are not really enforced anymore, I don't plan on using it unless specifically asked. I've utterly lost track of who is here and what their usernames are, but you're an easy one. Let me mash some buttons for you... gimme a sec!

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        Oh! That makes sense, and alright. Don't need to do it if that's the case. =) I think they're a bit of a pain in the butt. I did want to see how the feature worked though.

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          Yeah, I was also curious. It was a lot less bad than I thought XD Can you request to be added to a Collection from your end or is it just from mine?

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            I can not, which is a complaint I think that a lot of people have had. There isn't a button for it at all. I thought perhaps that the "Tag" would do it for you, but nor did that. So no, you can't, and that sucks =( So it's still like FA really. We need to leave links in our posts to the original artist and hopefully the person who commissioned the piece as well. It is nice though, If I click on the "Chioxin" tag it shows everything that has my name on it =D Maybe I should add Chioxin to all my models, but, those models aren't Chioxin =(

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              I can see how that would suck for 2D artwork since there's only ever one picture of it! I guess fursuits are kinda off the hook; every time there's a photograph the focus shifts to be about the person performing in it rather than who made it. (Seriously tho, tag your models with your username! I think people are smart enough to realise it's something you made and not your character rofl)

              I'm glad they changed the Collections requirement, now I'm hoping the tidy up the edges with everything else, too. You have no idea how ARGGHHH I find not being able to copy-paste my tags is!

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    Chioxin be showing off his assets! <3