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[TFTuesday] Experiment #13 by Wolfaro

[TFTuesday] Experiment #13


18 September 2018 at 09:56:11 MDT

Experiment #13
Month: Febraury
Victim: drivergamer127

The First Potion turned Him into a Kangoroo, The Boots rips and tear Loudly but his shoes didn't wreak up. He told me his boots where made to be extra durable and resistant, make me wonder where he got them and really give me the desire to get ones similar to his...

The Second Potion turned him into a Kaiju, he now had to leave outside in the forest to have a proper place to rest, the hut and his Room got too small for him... His Boots and clothes still in place... Please, told me your secrets.

If a Kangoroo Kaiju was Loudly, you must see how loudly would became as a T-Rex. The third potion mixed his body with a T-Rex making one of the Loudliest Kaiju's i have ever seen...

The Last Potion turned the Tester into a Dragon, Making him one of the most dangerous species the different testing have comes at date. T-Rex, Kangoroo and Dragon. And him being able to fly away, stomp loudly make him a security safe...

And yet his clothes and boots didn't broke... What Are your secrets?!

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