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Narr8 can do it! by WoadedFox

Narr8 can do it!


A gift for Miles DF and the other awesome artists at C-A-T Studios.
This is some motivation for them, when their having a bad day they can look at this and think "Yes Martha, we can do it!" hehe ;)

Anyway after talking to Miles for a little while i asked him if i could do him something.

Originally i was going to do an old Soviet poster with Martha on it, or some other NARR8 character, but just had to ask him about my idea first encase it offended him, i know some Russians would not like the idea, so that's why i asked him fist. He got back to me and suggested that i did Martha in the style of this poster:… here is the link to the original image.

It is an old American cold war propaganda poster. So i decided to do it from this.
Anyway it's a gift for him and i had some fun making it.

This is really old. But I thought I would upload it. Still really proud of this, shame its all over now. :P

Again, I hope you like this one, Matt :)

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    Cold War? Rosie the Riveter was from WWII, to motivate women into replacing men in the work force while they were fighting abroad.