The Waterstones Cafe by WoadedFox

The Waterstones Cafe


19 May 2016 at 12:13:23 MDT

"It's nice that we could meet up on our days off eh Roza?"
Roza hummed as she took a sip from her black americano.
"Yeah, on such a nice day too, perhaps we could take a walk around later and maybe even find a place to eat. Did you see the food market on in the main road?"

Another painting of a nice location within Sheffield town center I did for university work and an upcoming exhibition I have to plan.
Here is the inside of the Waterstones Cafe in Orchard Square in Sheffield city center. I like to go here and get a coffee, chilling with the old people as I draw them in my sketchbook. This is where I do most of my human drawing practice and caricature work too, it's really fun and a nice break from furry art, also the cakes they do here are AMAZING! XD

Some of the foxes are based on real people I have seen or drawn within my sketchbook while in the cafe. :)
My chars are on the middle table, sharing a coffee, maybe on a date........oh lala. ;) Roman and Roza, I might have to ship them sometime.
If you look closely you might also see one of C4camel 's foxy ladies, looking glamours as ever. ;)

You can find another place in Sheffield I painted for this exhibition here:

Matt. :)

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