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The Winter Garden by WoadedFox

The Winter Garden


19 May 2016 at 12:12:14 MDT

"This city is so green and pretty, I think I'm going to enjoy my stay here!"
Roza taking a stroll down a very familiar pathway for me.

Ah the Winter Garden in Sheffield is where I spend a lot of my time whenever I find myself in town. It's a really nice warm space with lots of seats, plants and an art gallery as well as a cafe. It's probably my favorite place within the town center.

I draw people a lot in my sketchbook there as they walk up and down (caricatures mainly) So if you happen to be in Sheffield town center and see a guy sketching in the gardens, that's probably me! :D
Though I can say now, I've unfortunately never seen Roza stroll by, and probably for the best, I'd have a nose bleed for sure!

This painting is part of a collection of works that I have to make for an upcoming self hosted exhibition for uni. Hopefully all will go to plan and I'll have more paintings like this soon. My theme is to do with the spaces I find myself in when I'm in town and documenting them in my own way, hence the foxes! ;)

Either way, this one was very fun and I'm very proud to have done this within the space of 3 days or so. Hopefully there will be more similar works to come.
Matt. :)

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    Not enough furry artists focus on wide ranges of age groups in their work... to see this piece with foxes ranging from a mother and child, a teenager, an elderly couple and a young adult... well, its quite refreshing! Liberating, even.

    You've done a fine job with the lighting and overall artistic definition, especially in terms of atmospheric portrayal. Well-played, fellow artist! ;D