CB Revamps 2 by WitButch

CB Revamps 2


25 March 2019 at 20:53:02 MDT

I've been messing around with my style for the bears a bit, and I think I've finally settled on one I like. I actually had to remake these a few times, but I think it's paid off. I'm much more satisfied with these than I was with the last batch.

Good Luck I'll be honest, I never cared too much for Good Luck until Unlock the Magic. He was okay in the Nelvana series, but in every other media depiction of him, he's either forgettable or just unlikable, at least for me anyway. I think it's mostly the voice. The deep voice with the painfully fake Irish accent just sounds so unnatural on a Care Bear. And in AiCaL, it's impossible to listen to him without visualizing Double D. So, hearing his voice in UtM was just so refreshing. I did, however, give him beaded bracelets colored up like the Irish flag, to sorta have him stick with his roots. As with most of my designs, I've mostly stuck close with his UtM design. I love how his hair tufts somewhat resemble his 4-leaf clover. It was so clever, I had to incorporate that into my design for him, which led me to doing the same with his tail and chest fluff. In my first few designs for him, his hair more closely resembled dreadlocks. It was hard making it work, so I strayed away from that a bit. They're still supposed to be dreads, but less so, if that makes sense? ^^;

Wish So, I used to have this design for Wish. It was literally just her canonical design with a blonde pixie cut. It looked really dumb, and thankfully, I don't think I ever shared it online. I still think it was neat incorporating her badge colors into her pelt, though, so I didn't completely scrap it. Instead of just plopping a blonde wig on her, though, I gave her streaks in her hair and tail with all her badge colors, as well as incorporating the yellow on her nose, eyes, and paw pads. I found it pretty strange that in UtM, her cheek blush is a diamond. I don't dislike it or anything, but with most of the characters, their blush in same way uses their badge or reflects their personality. So, why would Wish get a diamond instead of a star? My workaround was changing the three outlier stars on her badge to diamonds and making her overall body and head have sorta a diamond shape.

Bedtime First thing's first: there is absolutely no way Bedtime would not have the worst case of bedhead (bedfur?) in all of Care-a-Lot. Secondly, in UtM, Bedtime could pretty much be the main crew's second dad. His voice, along with Tenderheart, in both WtCaL/CB&C and UtM is strangely deep, but not necessarily bad. Like with Tenderheart, I made him bigger than the others to kinda reflect that.

Harmony By far my favorite. 80s fashion is so tacky, yet so fascinating to me. Afterall, the Care Bears did debut in the 80s, so it wouldn't at all be out of place for one of them to be stuck in the past. There's actually two main inspirations I had for this design. One is Cyndi Lauper, and the other is a... fictitious character. Yeah, I'll leave it at that. During her AiCaL days, Harmony actually already had a headband, and it came in two colors, both of which were used here. There's three reasons I changed her badge to include a star instead of a smiling face. 1.) I hate seeing faces where they don't belong. It's not endearing, it's creepy. 2.) Her badge is a flower with 5 petals, a 5-point star makes perfect sense. 3.) She's a pop star! Haha, get it?

Surprise Considering I've so far only used core characters in these, I'm sure Surprise is a fairly snicker surprising choice. Truth be told, I just had the idea of confetti hair and wanted to see how it would look. Surprise's badge is so overwhelming. What's with all the colors and stars? I toned it down to just the three primary colors, and changed the outer three stars to confetti so that my confetti hair made more sense. Also, does anyone else think Surprise's AiCaL design looks dangerously close to Harmony? Strangely enough, promo art for the show depicts her with her usual magenta pelt. It's just the show itself that does this! Why they decided to change it is beyond me.

Cheer, Grumpy, Share, Funshine, Tenderheart

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