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CB Revamps


23 February 2019 at 16:16:52 MST

I've been working on my style and designs for the Care Bears. While I'm settling on the designs, I'm not too fond of this style, so that's definitely subject to change. I used a mix of a few incarnations of these guys for their designs, mostly Adventures in Care-a-Lot and Unlock the Magic. And the classic Nelvana, of course.

Cheer - First thing I decided was that her ponytail from the second season of the Nelvana series absolutely had to stay. It's cute and casual enough to match her personality for each depiction of her. For her fur color, I was debating between going with the carnation pink she's been known for, for so long and her newer, hip neon pink. Ultimately, I went with the former. Oh, and I kept the blue-green eyes I've been drawing her with, for some reason.

Grumpy - He is tiiiiinyyyyy. I found it fitting to give him messy bangs, as I imagine styling is never part of his morning routine. Blue eyes because he's a sad, blue boy. Also, he has a ponytail because what I say goes, and I say give him a ponytail.

Share - She's a petite girl with some retro fingerwaves. With her eyes and paw pads, I couldn't decide whether I should color them blue or pink, so hey, why not both? I made her pelt more colorful than the other to emphasize her "sweetness."

Best BearFunshine - In AiCaL, I noticed that he was slightly bigger than the rest of the bears, so I decided to keep that going. I also kept his hairstyle from AiCaL, but instead of limiting it to bangs, I have it going down the back of his head like a mohawk. To be completely honest, I always found the face on his sun to be kinda... unsettling? I like UtM's idea of changing it to a smirk and sunglasses. However, I don't really like how it was executed. The red and black just seem kinda tacky. I'm a big fan of analogous color schemes, so I changed the rim of the glasses to a pale orange, and dimmed the lenses. Also made the rays different shades to make it more fun! I've always like the idea of Funshine having sky-blue eyes, so that was a must-have.

Tenderheart - Dad bear! He obviously had to be the biggest, and he has a different color scheme from the rest to make him more unique. Aaaand he has a man-bun, because of course he does.

Next up: Good Luck, Harmony, Bedtime, Wish, Surprise

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    good designs, keep it up