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Chilly the Hippocamp by WinterSoul

Chilly the Hippocamp


Everyone meet Chilly! His colors aren't based on anything in particular, I mostly just wanted to paint a silvery/pearlescent hippocamp. The white scale on his head is actually a real opal stone, cut just for him. It flashes green at just the right angle! There are also some super subtle reds in warmer light, but I didn't manage to catch them with the camera. (As a note, it's just the larger stone that's opal, the smaller bit below is pearly acrylic. This is about as small as I can go with my equipment, anything smaller might drive Crystal insane xD).

Chilly is FOR SALE here

Blank and custom casts sold here

Figurine Info:

*Scale/Size: 3" tall x 5.5" long

*Sculpted in Sculpey, cast in a sturdy urethane resin.

*Edition: Currently undetermined. Most likely I'll keep it to one mold (30-50 casts).

*Hand painted with acrylic and pastels.

*Custom Painted slots and blank casts are open!

*More info is located on the store page.

Submission Information

Visual / Modeling / Sculpture


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    This is probably my favorite of your hippocampus so far! Any new shows lined up? *wishing you the best*

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      Aw, thank you Laura! <3 So far I haven't found any new model horse shows for these guys, but I've been looking quite a bit into galleries and have found a few places that might be a good fit :3