Stray by WinterSoul



30 December 2014 at 20:40:12 MST

"Need leaves one little choice; the naked freeze in the frost"
Rune Poem (Old Norwegian), Naudiz.

Snuck away again, they call him back in, fearful the coming cold will take him. He hears their calls, but is unmoved. Long ago he learned that the busy house had no time for him. Shuffling feet step on him, loud domestic house noises are irritating, and besides, eventually everyone grows weary of his feral habits. Eventually he's going to be left alone, forgotten. No, he won't be coming home, he cannot live in the shadow of their domain, he cannot survive there. It's better to venture out alone, into the night, to find one's own light. Maybe the cold will take him, but already he feels a spark, a fire smooth and pure burns from within. For all of those strays on the edge of being lost to the dark, may you find endurance and light guide you through.

This one's a personal piece, done on the side in between commissions. Lots of dream imagery here, it's helped with working through some confusing times. This year's been a bit of a rough one, but I'm still looking forward to seeing what's to come. Best wishes to everyone for the New Year!


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    This painting is altogether beautiful, inspiring and uplifting. A perfect piece for the end of the year I think.

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      Aw, thank you, that's wonderful to see you find it uplifting! Indeed, I think the new year holds a lot of hope :)

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    I'd favorite it, but I can't abide the thought of somethimg awful befalling a cat. Maybe they'll either truly learn to care for him, or he'll find a home where he'll be able to abide once and for all. Good luck.