Ornament - Aysel by WinterSoul

Ornament - Aysel


27 September 2018 at 13:27:49 MDT

The castings from this mold are only obtainable from these auctions and characters made for this adoptable world. Only 14 castings of each mold will be made. These are no ordinary auctions, as you get a whole physical package of art along with a character which you’ll come to know well over time. The goal in my auctions is to provide people with characters who have meaningful stories, and that go beyond an idea in the mind/digital space by accompanying you in the physical world. With that, please do join me in another limited edition adoptable ornament auction!

Aysel’s auction is right here —> http://www.furaffinity.net/full/28817184/

Character Background:
An entrepreneurial fox, she guides tourists on wild treasure hunts in the desert. She has all five star Yelp reviews, but buyer beware, dead men tell no tales. Or, in this case, dead men write no bad reviews. Her intentions are good, but she’s perhaps a little too optimistic for an environment which calls for extreme caution. How do you think she became a ghost in the first place?!