Whisp Schedule 2018 by WinterSoul

Whisp Schedule 2018


13 September 2018 at 13:53:19 MDT

Now for this year’s adoptable schedule! Mark your calendars, and keep your eyes peeled here and on other social media/galleries, I’ll be making the announcement for each on these days. We’ve already seen the Whisp with a yellow orb, from top to bottom is the order of orbs for the rest of the months.

For those who don’t know much about these auctions: These are no ordinary auctions. The goal in my auctions is to provide people with characters who have meaningful stories, and that go beyond an idea in the mind/digital space by accompanying you in the physical world. Each character comes with their own statue which is limited edition, along with an assortment of tier treats.

Hope to see all of you jumping in and enjoying these critters! We’ve had so much fun with the Shisa so far, I’m sure these clever little guys are going to be just as fun :D