Azoth Mandala by WinterSoul

Azoth Mandala


23 March 2017 at 12:31:51 MDT

A piece done for personal meditation uses. The illustration comes from the book "Azoth of the Philosophers" by Basil Valentine in 1659, (well, it dates earlier, but was first published then). As a part of my alchemy studies, I was meditating on it, but many of the versions I could find were unclear (not trying to be snooty or mean here, there were just pieces I couldn't make out without a word description. Imagine trying to meditate on a pixelated blob...). Well, for an artist what better way to meditate on it than to draw it out?

This was done purely for personal use/study. Normally I don't talk much about what I do on my personal time, but this is one of those crossovers into my art life that I think would be fun to share! At some point I think it would be useful to color. I left the center blank so that if I should decide to have the final piece for a meditation tool, I can add a mirror at the center (which has a specific meaning). Really, the whole image is chock-full of symbolism! Dennis Hauck has more on it, for those curious: