Shisa Adoptable Schedule 2017 by WinterSoul

Shisa Adoptable Schedule 2017


11 January 2017 at 14:21:16 MST

Hello to all the current and future adoptable ornament fans! This is the new Shisa Adoptable Ornaments schedule for 2017.

The aim here is to help you plan for which months you'd like to jump into the auctions, and it helps me stay on track for releasing these little guys! When you check back at this calendar, you'll be able to see the colors of auctions past, plus double check the dates for the orb you'd like to have. This is just a sneak peek of each character, those of you who have been following these auctions know that when the auction date rolls around, the character's full story and colors are revealed!


The Shisa are limited edition, and these are the last of the ornaments. If you missed your chance for a custom, keep your eyes peeled on the auctions!

While you're waiting for the next auction dates to roll around, why not take a look at past auctions and the ladder options won? Check them out here: