Character Auction - Rashnu - Closed by WinterSoul

Character Auction - Rashnu - Closed


1 April 2016 at 13:54:33 MDT

Limited Edition adoptable character auction - Closed

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Auction Info:
Auction ends Thursday, April 7th at 6 pm MDT.

Photos of the actual ornament coming soon!

Just for a bit of background on these special auctions, as I make my pendants and figurines, to me these are more than just casts. Being hand painted, every design is a unique piece of art, and has felt like the pendant is imbued with a bit of the essence of that individual character. As I create these characters, and as I paint the ornament, the story of the character is just as important as the colors and markings, and is consciously kept in mind throughout the painting process. To push the idea further, I've decided to introduce these limited character auctions. On top of the Shisa already being limited edition, these particular paint jobs will never show up again on another Shisa ornament. You'll not only be adopting your very own mini guardian lion-dog, but you'll be able to physically hold your new character! These will be a rare treat, only once every one or two months. It is my hope that these rare beasts give people a tangible way to explore personalities and adventures, which they can share with others in the form of ornaments, stories, and art!

Character Background:
Being April 1st, we have a Shisa hailing from a long line of tricksters and messengers. Rashnu is an adept traveller between the mundane world and the mirage world. As he matures, he's expected to become a creator of mirages, just as his family has always done, but the challenges in his life direct him to uphold truth. His lessons come to a head when a war breaks out in the desert and Rashnu must deliver the fate of warriors on both sides. He must learn how to set his emotions aside so that he may deliver truthful messages instead of being lost in the restricted perceptions of his own mind. How will his struggle play out when naturally he deals in mirage and disdain towards humans, yet now he must uphold the highest truth?

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