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Gryphon Guardian - Obsidian Scryer by WinterSoul

Gryphon Guardian - Obsidian Scryer


This Gryphon Guardian is looking for a home!

The inspiration for this one came to me while learning about scrying with obsidian mirrors. There are many systems which use this type of mirror for divination, what will you find when you gaze into this Gryphon's mirror?

Pendant Info
-LIMITED EDITION, there will only be 25 casts of these little guardians!
-"Mirror" portion is straight black to mimic Obsidian.
-Ribbon necklace cord
-About 1.5 in tall and 1.5 in wide.

From sculpting, to casting, to hand painting, these pendants are all done by my own hand, so you can be sure that much love is poured into each of these unique critters. They're cast in a sturdy resin which is then hand painted in acrylic and pastel. Afterwords, they're sealed in a protective varnish, and will each come already hooked-up to a necklace cord.

Gryphon Guardians customs may be ordered here: