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Nem Agamoto by WinterRythmBunBun17

Nem Agamoto


Name: Tora Agamoto
Nickname: Nem
Gender: Male
Age: 19
nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Art Student
Born on: August 25th, 2001 on Sendai, The Miyagi Prefercture Japan

Appereance: Nem is a gray furried cat with red eyes, a pink nose and a fluffy tail, he always wears the striped scarf his mother gave him, a red shirt, a brown jacket over it and a white hood. He also wears a pair of light blue pants and no shoes.

Personality: Nem is a kind guy that has the perk of getting well with most people, pretty easy-going and goes about on his own air most of times, he's a bit reclusive and tends to work without wanting to be bothered or interrupted, he really has a passion for art and his interest is more onto colors and how they can be applied. He wears his scarf with cherish due to it given by his mother long time ago and doesn't contains himself with anyone that dares to damage it and uses his psychic powers without doubting. Although he refrains from using them on people and puts himself the goal to avoid his temper rising given the link between his emotions and his powers (which is pretty hard due to his anxiety), he tends to use his powers to make his work more easier and complement his multi-tasking nature.

Bio: Nem was born with his powers which made his raising slightly harder even for his parents who had powers as well, the kid's power was beyond the average psychics and being someone quick to alter his humor weren't a good mix, specially with other kids atrgetting him at school, his mom however had fear not of her own son, but rather more about losing him if something were to happen so she was determined to instruct her kid about his powers as much she could, in the only way he could understand. Art, after seeing how art amazed him when he was a toddler, she used that to teach him about his powers, but even more to expand his inner world, see the good in people and even forge a wish of using his powers to help others as well himself, reecgonize he could do a lot more, that gave him the best motivation to go forward, however something would put young Nem in a test when two burgulars in the run killed his mother in front of him when he saw them with the money they stole. His powers unleashed as he lost control of his feelings, rage, sadness and a uncontrollable rage filled him and the next thing that happened was that he was found under rubbles by his father and some cops. Nem and his dad were kicked out of Sendai and went to move to Shibuya after his dad got demoted to D-Rank Hero after the chaos his son unleashed and he didn't avoid. He had to tell his son his mom was dead when he was old enough, sad days came after and both didn't talked for a while, he secluded himself in his room, drawing to ease the bad feelings, and to remember his mom, after struggling for months his dad convinced him to return to school where he had few fights with kids and had to use his powers to fend for himself or most likely other students, and recieved countless punishing from the school and his dad for it, unconsciously he used his powers and his art as a escape for those emotions and he figured out he could do what his mom intended to show him, to use his art as a medium for his powers and essentially his talent.

Nem got recognized by the school for his excellent work in art despite his average grades, and when three of his drawings flew by the wind to the director of an art academy and saw him running for them, he saw potential in him, and with permission from the school, when Nem was ready, would have a assured matriculation in the Shio Art College in the northeast of Shibuya. and so when he graduated from senior high school, he went to study at the college, maintaining communciation with his father from time to time after he retired from being a hero and started working on the metroline. Both recovered the father-son link they thought lost after his mom's death, to this day at his 19 years old, Nem keeps the scarf from his mom and is very delicate about it, he now has more control over his powers and he made them useful for his work channeling the feelings from his heart into his passion.

Fun Facts:

  • Nem is a nickname given by his mother, coming from the sound he does when eating rice balls when he was little, the rest of townspeople got used to call him that way.

  • His mom also is a psychic and his dad can manipulate waves, yet apparently he only got his mom's psychic powers, it is unknown how is he so powerful.

  • The incident he caused as a kid that killed his mom's murderers blew up 1/5 of Sendai in that time, and that was just when he was 8 years old.

  • His powers amplify depending strongly on his emotional state, the more altered or threatened he feels, the more the indicator goes up, although the boost of power will stutter due to his wish to not harm anyone with his powers. Though he can't keep himself controlled for too long.

  • He always puts his nickname on the sign of all his works instead of his true name because how much he cherishes that name given by his mom.

  • His favorite plate are rice balls with salt and some tuna sushi. Truly a meal of the sea

  • Despite being a cat, he's `pretty friendly around dogs, he even has a wolf best friend at college named "Shishio Hanshou".

  • He prefers traditional music of his land rather than modern music, it inspires him concentration and discipline.

  • If you have the chance to talk with him, you'll almost always catch him while his drawing, and will still be availiable to talk, while his pencil draws on his sketchbok while he talks. One more demonstration of his multi-tasking nature.

  • He's inspired from Shigeo Kageyama(or "Mob") from Mob Psycho 100, although his powers handle more on the side of moving things rather than energy transfer, sorta like Ritsu Kageyama, Mob's older brother.

  • Once, he got into troubles with the owner of an inn his class was staying at for the night for trying to eat the Koi fishes in the pond. He's not very good controlling his feline tendencies.

  • His favorite fish is the Koi fish, specifically the one white with orange parts.

  • He can only lift things that are slightly heavier than his own body at his lowest amount of power and up to an entire building at his max, though, occasions where he reaches 100% are rare.

Tora "Nem" Agamoto © me WinterRythmBunBun17

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