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Hideyoshi Yamashita


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Name: Hideyoshi Yamashita ( 山下秀吉 )
Alias: Hide
Age: 24 years old
Specie: Hyena
Gender: Male
Born on: Nishi Akatsuki, Fukui Prefecture, August 22th, 1996
Occupation: Biker gang leader of "The Night Yeens"

Appearance: Hide is a average height hyena with brown and black fur with two dots on the left side of the muzzle, he has white fluff in his ears which are black furried as well. He has a scratch scar on the left eye which is stuck looking upwards perpetually, and his other eye being dark brown, he wears his gang jacket and a cotton yellow shirt under it which can't seem to cover his huge pudgy belly, he has also good thighs to accompain it and has a short tail which is the same color as his hair(cream color), he wears a pair of blue pants. And on the back of the jacket there's the gang's mark and the short of his name on the side of the sleeve.

Hide's bio

Hide was the lesser of three kids and ever since childhood his parents always preferred them over him, in every aspect no matter how hard he tried he would never be a pride for the family and his brothers were taking care of making that happen driving down his moral every time they could. Hide and his parents were always in dispute since his dad wouldn't let him be part of the family's business and his mom be like a hawk over his shoulder about his studies always ready to pinpoint any mistake he did and punish him severely, his life to put it short was a train wreck while his brothers however were living the good life and had more freedom with their father. In the 2010s he started to notice that the family was gaining a big fortune but none of it was going to him, and his family acted aggressively every time he asked where did it came from all that extra cash. Either be a torment from the brothers and father or humiliation from his mother adding: "You're lucky your filthy mug is still under this roof thanks to it!!" all to make sure he was kept shut.

But once he gathered the courage to do it, he investigated his family enduring more their tormenting in the process: "All will be worth, soon all will be worth it" he kept repeating himself, in the end he was finally permitted to work at his dad's place(while giving him 80% of his pay)for being "obedient and useful" and found out his dad was offering black market stuff to biker gangs from other cities around the country. Next were his siblings who showed him "how a man really has some fun" due to his brother Kenji owning a strip club in the city's downtown where the girls were physically beat up because of a bad performance, so that's how they were gaining so much for the family while he was working his back to get his own part with a miserable pay and average notes with little rest and no respect.

It was enough for Hide, if they were playing dirty, so would he and so he started learning how to steal from clients who attended his dad's business, even directly asking some of them when he wasn't watching, first it was his wallet, and then he went for paychecks, watches, even extra food(to add to the almost average ration he was given daily )and so forth, but that wouldn't go uncaught forever as his family knew about it and the other three men in the house gave him the beating of his life, and for the first time Hide fought for his sake against his family. Although losing and getting kicked out of the house in the end. He kept stealing since then and leaving the college, though his acts of thievery would reach a particular gang of the city when they heard about him stealing in their territory but upon seeing him in action they were impressed and the leader decided to convince him to join the gang and in exchange they'd let him live with them and have more food, water and comfort he could ever imagine, he undoubtedly accepted and was welcomed into the "Night Yeens".

Five years passed since he joined but the good treatment the gang promised him wasn't precisely true, constant humiliation and torment, belittling him, and even using him as scapegoat for the gang's best works: Thievery. Of course they'd get him out of jail with selling 50% of their loot. But nothing would be for given in the growing fire of resentment that sprouted within Hide.

One night after their biggest job committed: stealing a mix of alcohol, rum, liquor and even vodka imported from Italy, they went to drink it in their favorite bar, and given Hide took the initiative and helped them get the treasure drink in the end they let him have some shots too. Big mistake. Combining his five years of saved up resentment, rage and discontent with a four-mix alcoholic beverage wasn't precisely good as a fight between him and a fellow gang member begsin just because he punched Hide on the back, the rest of the gang was astonished but nothing would compare to when Hide took the upper hand again, he opened wide his maw and put the member's head in and proceeded to swallow him whole, the others were terrified and confused, one of them tried to get him out but upon the slight feeling of threat Hide launched himself towards him and ate him too, and so with every other member as well. The boss was the only who put up a fight and even wounded his eye before being swallowed up. Tired and satisfied he fell to the floor unconscious.

Upon waking up early that morning Hide felt nauseous and woozy, he couldn't remember what happened and for some reason he started to burp out the clothes and remains of his partners, he went crazy after knowing what happened and called the police, he did certainly gained weight from his meal but that wasn't enough for the police to arrest him until he mentioned the Night Yeens and led them to the bar where the remains were still there, it was certainly enough to charge him for the beverage theft and murder but that was the thing, given Hide forgot everything about that night and the evidence of him being there was destroyed in the gang's escape there was no way to connect him with that, however he did ate his fellow members but under the influence of the drink, the jury could see he had the vibe of a "good young man who took bad choices" so the charge was set to Involuntary Homicide, the sentence was about to be applied when Hide felt a sudden rush of hunger and involuntary ate one of the officers with him an front of the whole trial. The whole thing was too much for him to handle twice when the remains were shown.

Given that Hide was too dangerous to be put in a normal or maximum security prison and that what he did was out of his control he was sent to the Predators Rehabilitation Facility Site in Tokio indefinitely after he threw up the officer's remains and was examined by a specialist, who diagnosed him with "Predatory Instinct Disorder"(or PID). At least he was allowed to keep his motorcycle and his gang's jacket though he wouldn't be ever able to leave. Or so they thought till 2019 came and everything changed. He got out of the facility on his birthday, the only day he would be allowed to roam free around the facility. He went on his bike and the facility's security team lost track of him, he was hidden for a while, relying not only on his thievery skills but his new intimidation tool, his belly.

Before the year ended he found out his gang members were buried in a graveyard in his hometown where he met them, he drove all the way back to Nishi Akatsuki only to find many other gangs showing respect to the deceased, they looked at him when he arrived, they wanted to be mad but that wasn't the time, one of them, a wolf gave him a picture, half digested by the edges but visible of him and the boss when he passed the gang's test to join. It was hard not to cry, almost impossible so he knelt down as much as he could and shown his respect to his fallen boss and the only friends he ever had. From that day forward he swore to his gang he would make their dream come true, be the most fearsome biker gang in Japan.

Nowadays, after this year began he's still working hard to make that dream true, he hasn't gotten in contact with his parents or siblings since he became a Night Yeen but he'd been doing good recruiting new people to rebuild his gang. He's still a work in progress about taming his hunger but he's in a good road, there's still a long road ahead for him...

Hideyoshi despite of his status as a gang leader, he's actually a very well educated young man, but that's not something to be taking advantage of since he may be educated but he can become fierce if needed, due to his hard raising he grew a short temper when someone bothers him, his innocent and submissive behavior are gone replaced with a medium amount of tolerance and indifference. Although he could be considered a punk with a heart of gold and can be nice in a sorta "tough guy way" he needs to be like that to keep up the gang's reputation. Compliments and flattering don't leave him embarrassed or flustered, not even amused anymore although he's kind enough to respond to them, and he secretly enjoys belly rubs and a good strawberry shake sometimes, when he feels his PID building up he doesn't bothers in letting things take their course, specially when he's drunk where he makes appearance of a more laid back and abnormally relaxed personality not completely aware of what he's doing, however he's always careful of not eating innocent people.

He doesn't go out much and like proper of a gang leader he tends to let his subordinates handle tasks like getting food, delivery, or scouting. He only ever goes out when it's really needed or whenever he feels like it, going on the highway with his bike is what passionates him the most, as well he likes chilling with a good video game or watching TV.

He does really misses his friends sometimes and he thinks the best way to compensate what he did is carrying on his shoulders the dream they wanted to make come true leading him to do just that with conviction and guts!.

Hide's fun facts:

  • He's inspired from Haida from Aggretsuko.

-He was born with two prominent fangs sticking out of his mouth, making him be loathed by his mom since childhood though she never openly demonstrated.

  • When he became a gang member, in 2014 they looted his brother Kenji's place four times in a month, after beating him up of course.

  • He's self taught in fist fighting ever since his teen years.

-He learned that strawberry smoothies actually soothe his stomach and prevents his hunger peaks.

  • As aforementioned he was diagnosed with PID or Predatory Instinct Disorder. This mental illness messes up with the patient's alarm-rest system increasing greatly the hunger when the body is in a state of distress or alarm. They proceed to eat uncontrollably even living prey until they're satiated, learned disgust and reflex of puking are secondary effects of the aftermath of a hunger peak which also prevents the patient from remembering vividly the incident.

  • As aforementioned his eye wound was caused by his boss before being eaten but he can still wink with that eye or close it.

  • He used to have more hair than his usual nowadays turf but his siblings took it away fooling him into using acid on his head thinking it was shampoo.

  • Despite the gang's name, he's the only hyena in the group.

  • When he joined he was the youngest and newest member of the gang, making him an easy target for pranks and tormenting from his fellow members.

  • He comes back to Fukui every month to go check on his deceased gang members and his boss, and still keeps to this day the photo he was given on his jacket.

  • He plays puzzle videogames in his free time, he has to keep his mind occupied ;3!

  • He returned to college on 2018 and is still studying, he refuses to recruit students for his gang, although he values they admire him so much.

  • He always liked motorcycles and vehicles engineering since childhood, which explains his interest on bikes and knowledge of them.

  • His own personal dream is to open his own workshop but only working with legit obtained pieces.

  • His favorite game is "Extreme Jankenpon".

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