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Louie Sam Joey Sal Beagle by WinterRythmBunBun17

Louie Sam Joey Sal Beagle


22 July 2020 at 21:39:28 MDT

Name: Louie Sam Joey Sal Beagle
Alias: Lou, Jo or Sam
Age: 71
Specie: Dog(Basset Hound)
Gender: Male
Born on: September 11th, Houston Texas, 1949
Occupation: Ex-Hitman, Gardener

Appearance: Lou is a middle age basset hound of average height always accompanied by his cane helping him to stand up and walk, his fur is dark brown, white and black on the back, with wrinkles, saggy skin and gray fur on the muzzle present on old dogs. His turf of hair has gotten short with the years and he got used to show the same sour and tired face he wears every day, Lou also has heterochromia(eyes of different color). His body has gotten out of shape(which is a obvious reason to use a cane)after his retirement which is very well shown in his pudgy belly almost fully covered by his clothes, he wears a cherry blossom shirt and a pair of blue pants.

Bio: In his youth days Lou used to be a top hitman among the few known by the middle of the 60s, although not very good at hiding he was great at spotting his target and no letting go of it, he started on the job when he was 18 since he needed to sustain himself given his broken family wouldn't at that point, and his father wasn't better on his own "caring" for him, so that most likely encouraged him to leave and take that line of work, he made a way of fortune and enemies with time, and everything was meant to take a halt when he met his wife Patricia and married her in the 1977 with her being five years older than him, they both had a son in 1980 who was named Sam Jr. or just Sammy, but seeing his young family needed sustainability he decided to work again as hitman to win more money for them and care for his son during daytime, though one day in the summer of '82 his family was in the same rift yet again when his wife Patty found out about what he did as job and left him with Sammy, given she had no resources of her own to care for him, but with making him promise to never tell Sam Jr. about his job. Lou tried being a good dad for his son but his work was getting sloppier every now and then making him be found out and having to move constantly from city to city, when Sammy was 18 it was the breaking point for him and in autumn of 2000 he left his dad and lived on his own, Lou would go back to Houston heartbroken after doing one las job, one which ended him getting nearly killed, but weirdly it didn't so after these two events he contemplated how valuable life really was and decided to go for his retirement. He sent a letter to Sammy telling him the news once he was back home, and he would receive big news too, he was going to be a grandpa and that if he wanted he could come stay with them and help with his upcoming granddaughter, he excitedly accepted to come and reencounter with his son as well get to know his family. Things were weird at first and for some reason Sammy's wife didn't liked him very much but it would be better times to come in 2001 when Beatrice Sara Ann Beagle was born or just Betty, the three went through peaceful days raising her and Lou experienced happiness yet again, hoping it would last now he got retired, but sadly it wouldn't last long when his family was being chased by shady individuals forcing them to move from home on home, Sammy wasn't slow on pointing the guilt towards his father given his previous lifestyle and how it was affecting Betty who grew distant of him as well while her parents plotted to send Lou to a asylum far from them, not wasting time on grief and shame, Lou left on his own deciding to return to Houston to his home, not believing any further attempt of his son to get him back even if that meant leaving Betty at least she would be safe, 19 years have passed since then, he found out that Sammy was killed in 2014 and six years later he would awake his ability that saved him from a pair of thieves trying to mug him. After that, a bitter peace came and with that loneliness, all he had was his home, his TV and his garden, which he has to constantly protect from bratty kids of his neighborhood.

Months later that year he met a bunny, one year younger than his granddaughter with a scar on the eye, he saw he had guns with him and no intention to shoot which made him suspect a bit until he told Lou there is no honor in shooting an old man. Lou let him in seeing kindness and truth in his eyes and words. He learned the bunny left his family after they found he became a hitman and a fellow related to one of his victims in act of revenge slashed his eye with a dagger knife, seeing the bunny named Dan was walking the same road as him, Lou decided to let him stay for a while in his home, they fought constantly, specially when Lou tried to persuade Dan into leaving the hitman life and he refusing every time. But in the end they grew closer as sort of a weird small family, Dan appreciated Lou preoccupied for him and found him rather interesting and fun to hear and Lou appreciated the company not showing it in the outside but clearly feeling it, that's why he's so touchy and persistent about getting Dan to leave the job no matter how well that pays, at least it makes him proud he at the very least has a code of honor, even after Dan left and made a worth of his living and moved into a nice good home in his country, he still comes to visit him any chance he gets and they send each other letters(given the old man is confused about contemporary phones and needs Dan to teach him.

Nowadays he's a bit more happy enjoying his gold years and talking with his step-grandson.

He's a sour, cranky and stubborn old man with a good heart even when his exterior and behavior doesn't show it, prone to complain about anything that angers or annoys him, he's also a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to his garden and a tad superstitious, he loves Dan as the grandson he never had, and that's why he wants him to leave that line of work, given he was wounded twice than him. And to prevent him from asking about tips or get him to talk about his assassin's life he set a condition where he could talk anything about his life except work!. A law Dan accepted without further hesitation understanding his gramps' worries and not wanting to tap his nose where it doesn't belong. Despite the constant disagreements and arguing he's more lively thanks to Dan but he's not enough of that sentimental kind of guy to demonstrate it.

He loves his garden with passion leading him to be that "stay out of my lawn!" kind of guy and defend it with guts. Something that led him to grow a cautious and perfectionist nature. He alike most old folks doesn't like getting reminded of his age so he tries his best to cover up he's gotten old and dull. The other reason for his cranky nature is to shield himself of the reality he was of no help to his family after losing them twice, and later on his son's death. He's determined to be a warm figure for Dan until his last breath and stubborn enough to get him to abandon the hitman life.

Lou's fun facts:

-The cherry blossom shirt was a gift from one of the few friends he made on his trips.

-He goes by Jo as it's written instead of "Joe" for some reason.

  • As aforementioned he has a biological granddaughter named "Betty"

  • Even though he's a Basset hound his last name is "Beagle" leading to confusions about his breed

  • Whenever he starts talking fast and really mad he can't stop and starts expelling foam from his mouth and falling on the floor paralyzed, he has a medicine for that.

  • He did watch anime in his adult years and his favorite one was "Yu Yu Hakusho" though he hated the movie

  • Weirdly, the males of his family are prone become obese with time yet they have longer lifespans.

  • By being overweight, losing his eyesight partially and the usual articulations pains he's by far the healthiest of his family given his dad was close to aneurysm and his grandfather has three cardiac arrest false alarms only to die for reals in the fourth time.

  • He still loves anime to this day, he just doesn't know yet the modern platforms for watching it online.

  • He has a bullet wound at the back of his head from his last job but refuses to say anything about it. Either because he was perturbed by it or became pretty old to remember it(although he won't admit it).

  • Only Dan gets to call him gramps without getting hit with his cane X3!.

  • He actually wears pants with suspenders.

  • He also tends to forget what he was saying and repeat himself a lot most of times.

This very special character AKA. Lou the ol' Basset hound © me WinterRythmBunBun17

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