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Binto the lopunny by WinterRythmBunBun17

Binto the lopunny


10 July 2020 at 09:45:11 MDT

Name: Binto
Age: 20
Specie: Lopunny
Gender: Male
Ability: Limber
Born in: April 12th, 2000
Moveset: Double Kick
Sweet kiss
Thunder Punch
Dizzy Punch
Occupation: Thief/Treasure hunter

Appearance: Binto is a young lopunny man which appearance don't vary much than other examples of his kind, the cotton tail, the big ears, brown fur and bright red eyes, there's a noticeable messy turf of hair on his head, he has his frontal teeth broken on the lower corner, he wears a square holes shirt with a pair of baggy pants and most of times he's shoeless.

He also shows a star birthmark on the base of his neck.

Bio: Binto was found in the shores of Ocean Harbor's beach buried in the sand at short profundity wearing shredded clothes and with no memories of who he was or what was he doing there. And without any hint of his past present he had it hard surviving on his own leading him to start stealing people to maintain himself till the girl who found him put a halt to it and reluctantly let him move in with her, hopefully stopping him.

Though thanks to that he started a more "legal" way to take things that doesn't belong to him, which is treasure hunt(aaaaafter stealing a man's boat and getting a license of his own)and so he started disappearing for weeks and returned for less time. Though that wouldn't be a easier job given his Sableye rival was always there to pester him and reach treasures first, or send pirates his way. Until one night both reached the same cave where a "Star of Wishes" was hidden, they raced to get it, but Binto ended being more clever abs used the last rock at the edge to propel himself to the rock however once he took the rock it shoot out a blinding light, filling him with the power of said stone, unfortunately he didn't know how activate such power, nor the real use of the rock, only rumors.

Once, he tried to use the rock to recover his memory but every time he wished for it, nothing came, so he gave up on the legend feeling like it was a total sham, that didn't stop him from keeping the stone as a keepsake though.

He's mostly calm and easy going to those who he knows and cares about, always trying to give them advice despite not knowing much himself, not even who himself is really. He only pays more attention when the matter really matters to him otherwise he can be pretty absent from the conversation. However it is known about him he likes videogames, reading manga, cinnamon rolls and hasn't left his habit of stealing(though it's less frequent and he's become more smart at doing so), he can get enraged pretty quickly though and when his rage reaches his peak he starts to kick everything that's in his way.

Fun facts:

  • His first appearance is a reference to Gappy from Jojolion, as well the gap on his broken teeth.

  • He has a gameboy advance(which he stole of course)with some cartridges bought from a town's shop, one of them being Megaman Battle Network 4.

  • Even though he remembers nothing of his past, he's shown to have great knowledge about poetry and high school math.

  • His explosive behavior might hold a clue of his true nature of how he used to be.

  • He can mega evolve, just he never tried it before.

  • He was brought to the shore he was found by the seas, after a accident which might be tightly linked with his amnesia and possibly caused his broken teeth.

  • Unbelievable it may seem, Binto is actually his actual first name

  • He inherited the "Sweet Kiss" move from his mom.

  • Part of his design (the eyebrows)was also inspired by Jesse from "Jealous mom Deena" story made by jessemash32 on furaffinity, go check his work out ^^:

  • Binto's catchphrase: "My ability let's me steal something without you noticing for a short time!" Is also a reference to Gappy's ability "Soft & Wet".

  • Binto's favorite band is Beach Boys, and his favorite song is Footloose from Kenny Loggings.

Binto the lopunny ©me WinterRythmBunBun17

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