Fanart-Bound by fate by WinterRythmBunBun17

Fanart-Bound by fate


3 June 2020 at 20:22:07 MDT

Finally I got the ideal set to draw this! This is a fanart starring two of my OCs and Faye Fletcher! The starring wolf hero of the story "Denatured" both made by LightLuxCollie . The other two are Rex Finnegan: A recently turned werewolf whose legs were smashed broken for ahem.."safety" of the personnel taking care of him. And Sharon Bailey: A young lady cursed with both wolf and bunny sides unable to change back to what she was, now hiding under a red hood.

A thing I was sure about these three had in common was the fact they all were thrown into supernatural lives without much of an option. Drawn by fate to become what they are now. That's what drove me to keep on going with this, since it was my first try drawing Faye and had these two stuck on my head for a while. So I hope you like them a lot ^^!

Faye Wolf Fletcher© LightLuxCollie

Rex and Sharon© me WinterRythmBunBun17 also art made by me

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