Commission Prices! by Winston

Commission Prices!


30 May 2014 at 15:07:36 MDT

Commissions are OPEN!

What do you get when you commission me?

  • Full-sized (usually 2560px wide or better) originals in JPG and PNG, suitable for making a wallpaper out of, downsizing for web posting, or just whatever you want to do with it! Up to you.

Terms / Conditions:

  • I reserve the right to post a smaller version on the web as part of my gallery of work (with credit given to you as the commissioner and character owner, of course).
  • I reserve the right to decline subject matter that makes me uncomfortable (feel free to ask about anything, I'll make decisions on a case by case basis).

Payment accepted:

  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin

  • Sketches paid in full when sketch is completed

  • More complex pieces paid 50% when a sketch is approved and finalized, and 50% upon completion.

  • Price quoted for detailed / complicated backgrounding is a guideline, it may be less or more than this depending on how specific and how complicated you want your background to be. Appropriate simple backgrounds that suit the character, however, are always free :)

Contact me with any questions or to commission your artwork!

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