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Dynamic Clash! DynaWasp vs The Locust (Vaughn) by WindTide

Dynamic Clash! DynaWasp vs The Locust (Vaughn)


I know what you're thinking... amazing battle sequence right?! To be frank I didn't know how far I would be putting my thesis project on the line in the most dire of circumstances. Things got way out of hand now that I have had time to think about it, though it really probably deserves an explanation how things started...

You see, I was just a graduate student in the entomology program, working on experimental research in adapting insect bio-mechanical designs and functionality. In short, try and see how we can use insects and apply them in our every day lives. I was selected to join the on going thesis project, looking for potential insects to try and adapt for new research leads. Of course, none of the work I did alone would kick off without collaborative effort of fellow colleagues; everyone was willing to lend their expertise in a collaborative effort.

My graduate studies were filled with hard toil and labor,between my studies and helping the professors gather crucial findings from the wonderful chitin critters. Still, I was able to work on a little side project of my own, dubbed the Exoskeletal Work Suit, code name V-Drone. It was supposed to adapt various tools and gadgets taken from various insects to employ in manual labor, though I never really thought beyond its intended application. A marvelous concept I thought at first. I had hopes of unveiling it as the croup de grace of my thesis project!

Unfortunately, things didn't quite turn out the way I thought it would.

While I never actually got to test the entire suit in action before, an incident occurred on the campus grounds that provided an opportunity to showcase V-Drone in action. Apparently a bio-terrorist tried to break into the science department, and boy were they not kidding around! It didn't take long before the thugs subdued the campus security and bypass the security measures, especially with the leader in charge intending to steal an experimental chemical compound designated for... strangely enough corn production. Everyone called the strange criminal "The Locust," but whatever his intentions I had a feeling he was going to weaponize it for some nefarious purpose.

It might have been a rather impulsive decision, but I wasn't going to stand idly by and let this creep tarnish the university's hard work they put in, just to become a means to an evil end (and maybe use this as a test drive for the suit). I was confident my preliminary tests on the suit's gadgets and armor would be enough to validate my decision... I just hope it doesn't end up becoming a bigger disaster than intended.

.... it was time to take V-Drone on a test drive.

"Metamorph Engage! CODE : TWO! EIGHT! FOUR!"

The details were kind of fuzzy after that monumental decision, but little did I know that it would be the first day that I would be taking on the identity as DynaWasp.

I got to hand it to Bad Coyote for making such a great hero themed picture! Not only was I able to get a nifty super hero illustration, but I also got to gift this to BGN in order to show case his villain "The Locust." I have to say I find myself coming up with a potential story idea for Vaughn now that I have such a wonderful illustration to go off on, perhaps we will see more of DynaWasp in the future!

Vaughn Woods ©

WindTide WindTide

The Locust ©


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