Seasonal Comforts (Vaughn) by WindTide

Seasonal Comforts (Vaughn)


2 February 2018 at 20:15:42 MST

Campus life bustled with activity, no matter what the seasons were like outside. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, everyone was either going to their classes or enjoying the leisurely walks in the utopia of higher learning. Even Vaughn managed to dress warmly for the occasion and grab a hot drink from a campus cafe! Only the leaves of the autumn air could match the bright colors of the wasp as the grad student took his time to enjoy a rare moment of peace.

Donryu opened some seasonal slots for Autumn themed pieces of art, and I opt to put my wasp down for one of the spots. Vaughn turned out great and really blends in with the tone of the piece: warm and cozy even in the chilly air that is starting to set in. Another great piece from Donryu; definitely commission him if you get the chance :)

Vaughn Woods ©

WindTide WindTide

Art ©

Donryu Donryu

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