Chasing the Rainbow - Color Run 2017 (Sefter and Wind) by WindTide

Chasing the Rainbow - Color Run 2017 (Sefter and Wind)


10 January 2018 at 17:37:48 MST

"Remind me again why you had to drag me out early on a Saturday so I could join you on a 5 km run Sefter? I can barely run with my thick ol' tail behind my lemon butt... and I'm still groggy as it is." A rather grumpy shark seemed to be going with the motions as he yawned towards the otter that was more perked up that morning, giving the shark some white compression shorts to fit into.

"Because Wind, you said you wanted to join me on the Color Run event going by the city this month. It's not just about getting to the finish line or trying to meet some fitness goal: you get to have a nice jog outside with a bunch of people while they spray you with colors!" Sefter seemed to make it sound a lot more endearing than the fish had in mind for Saturday's enjoyment, only wishing that he could have slept in at the beach instead.

"Oh come on now, I'm yellow. I've got more color than most of the joggers would ever dream of having on their bodies." As much griping and complaining the fish could stand to give, he was nevertheless getting his jogging shoes on as he joined the other contestants at the starting line, before the announcer spoke through the intercom to begin the grand festivities.

"Oh trust me, you're going to be a rainbow shark before the end of the race. You're have fun, even if you'll run alongside the rest of the slowpokes like myself. Thick tailed friends gotta stay together!" Of course, seeing as the otter was prepared with the Color Run events, he just tilted down his sunglasses down just in time before he shouted out "Better smile lemon butt! First wave is color is coming in!"

"WHUT?!" Before the shark could even say anything, a tidal wave of brightly colored dust seemed to spray over everyone as they began the race, though the shark could only managed to follow behind Sefter as they ran through the first wave of color:


As exhausting as the two buddies were by the end of their journey, they were meet with an applause as the other racers and bystanders celebrated the shark and otter's run. Both were a frazzled mess of color spray and sweat, though Wind seemed to be smiling just as much as his friend Sefter.

"Whew! Glad the run is over! I can't wait to get a shower after all that running! The powder's kind of chafing me dude!" The shark laughed as he looked over at himself, not daring to look at his reflection any time soon.

"Are you kidding me? There's a big festival party after the run we're both going to join in, and I say we're already dressed for the occasion Wind." Sefter took out his phone as he pulled Wind into a half hug, holding out his device so he could capture the Selfie moment. "Now smile you goof ball! Time to capture the moment!"

Tresh Levett had kindly invited me to join with him on a commission for a selfie of an event that he had participated recently, telling me how much fun he had doing the Color Run when it was being hosted at his city. Even though I have never done a 5 km run of this caliber, I was nevertheless thrilled to join in my friend's picture as a testament of our companionship we have fostered over the past few months.

Of course BGN had a big part in illustrating such a colorful depiction, it's easy to see how much fun it would be to look back after a run with friends in the first place. I might have to keep an eye out the next time the Color Run is held in Dallas... might have to give it a go when the time arrives!

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