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TFF Con 2017 - Celtic Embrace (Seumas and Valdor) by WindTide

TFF Con 2017 - Celtic Embrace (Seumas and Valdor)


For nearly 20 years the two have been separated by the cruel twist of fate... ever since they meet during secondary school. A lot of turmoil and emotions can come through in a short moment... but after the anger passes by, there is only one thing that could be said.

"I miss you... so much. More than I can even describe..."

The final commission from Texas Furry Fiesta 2017 was completed by Donryu, taking on the momentous task of joining two of my characters in a heart felt catharsis. It is a picture to celebrate the beginning of more pieces that will focus on Seumas' and Valdor's past, and how they had come to know each other. But for now the two will have time to enjoy the fleeting moments of yester years long ago...

Seumas Mackintosh and Valdor Thunder ©

WindTide WindTide

Art ©

Donryu Donryu

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