TFF Con 2017 - Insect Terror (Vaughn) by WindTide

TFF Con 2017 - Insect Terror (Vaughn)


7 January 2018 at 00:33:24 MST

The final piece that I gotten from Zephra was of Vaughn Woods, as she told me she liked to give herself a challenge to work with once in a while.

Of all the pieces I have gotten of Vaughn, I thought this one was interesting because to a degree, I can see this as menacing. Perhaps the mandibles give that impression at a glance, though in general the overall pose looks like Vaughn is ready to leap into action. It's a bit different from what I see in Vaughn, but it is certainly a great case study.

Vaughn Woods Β©

WindTide WindTide

Art Β©


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