Inspection (Vaughn) by WindTide

Inspection (Vaughn)


26 December 2017 at 17:29:41 MST

What marvels does a creature, so small, hold to an observer? It might be insignificant and fragile, but it takes a great deal of appreciation to see how precious life can be.

During my many searches among artists on Twitter, I cam across a talented artist by the name of Flit, who I have better gotten to known through his Twitter handle The Neon Fox. My interest drew towards the unusual tan commissions he offered, which were advertised to be delivered in both physical and digital formats if the user decided to do so.

His work with Vaughn shows a great level to detail and understanding of the character, so much so he drew an insect very well even if it was a rare character choice. I was an easy decision to commission him frequently soon after Vaughn was made, and will be part of a series that will feature all my present and future characters.

Thank you again Neon for excellent work with Vaughn Woods.

Vaughn Woods ©

WindTide WindTide

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TheNeonFox TheNeonFox

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