Country Roads (Corvus and Wind) by WindTide

Country Roads (Corvus and Wind)


15 December 2017 at 23:42:19 MST

It had been a long trip so far as the two friends had been traveling from the great state of Texas, all the way to the humble state known as Virginia. Even though the shark's family had originally been from California, the shark had always considered Texas to be another home since many of his relatives and immediate family lived in Texas. As long as it was sunny the fish had no complaints. But the bull on the other hand lived in Texas as it were in his point in his life, the radio reminding him of his home far, far away. While the shark didn't have much experience with the eastern part of the United States, he offered to go on a trip with the bull to head to the bull's home place.

Corvus would sometimes tell Wind as the two of them drove down the long winding road ahead of themselves, that he felt like he should have been home yesterday. Wind assured his bovine pal that they would get there safe and sound in the pick up truck, taking his turn behind the wheel and provided company to his friend. The Ford label glared in the sun as it was a rather hot season this year traveling by car, but the fish didn't seem bothered as he had the windows down and enjoyed the scenery. After all, the journey was part of the fun driving out to Virginia, a road trip that the fish would be partaking with a friend for the first time. Every evening the sky was dark and dusty, painted on the sky a beautiful sunset, before the two of them pulled over and crashed in the car for the evening.

Come morning the duo would take off and continue their trip, not wanting to dawdle for too long when it was going to be a three day trip to reach their destination. A good portion of drive form Texas would have the two travel along interstate 30 before making the transition to 40 in Little rock, Arkansas. From there 40 turned to 81 as they made their way along the stretch of Tennessee, before Corvus and Wind finally crossed the state borders into Virginia, giving the travelers a view of the blue ridge mountains near the end of the mountain range. Wind learned from Corvus that the Shenandoah River was much further up along the mountain range, making a recommendation for another time to go to the National Park when they had a bit more free time.

Of course, now that they were almost back to Richmond where Wind would complete the journey, he had decided that the two of them could use a bit of fresh air before the final stretch to Corvus' home. He drove off the road over looking a mountain range and towards the sunset, the shark stretching out given how cramped up it seemed in that truck. Corvus was breathing in the fresh air, looking much more relaxed now that the two were almost at his home.

"Wow... it really is almost like heaven out here." Wind could have taken a picture if he wanted to, but he was more to live in the moment as he looked out into the wilderness. There was plenty of history in Virginia, as life was old around these parts. Older than the trees, but younger than the mountains, the vitality blew through the air in a gentle breeze that wrapped up the shark and the bull taking their break.

"It really is Wind. It really is. Thank you again for coming along with me out here. You're going to love meeting my parents." Getting out a few more aches in the fish's body the shark waved a dismissal to his friend, saying to the bull "No worries man. You talk about Virginia so much I wanted to see what your home was like myself." Smiling as he remembered his tribute he wanted to do, he would get into the car to turn the engine on, just so he could mess with the music player and play a song that was jerry rigged with his smart phone.

"Besides, I have to admit I learned a great song from you that I wanted to play. Just relax and let the moment sink in." Wind would get back to his place along the back, watching Corvus close his eyes and listen to the music, the silence broken with the strum of a guitar and the chorus that opened the song. Wind had taken out a small canteen to share a small amount of moon shine with his friend, knowing that the bull might need a bit of a strong drink. After all, the bull certainly began to well up with tear drops in his eyes.

♪ Country Roads.... Take me home... ♪

♪ To the place.... I belong! ♪

♪West Virginia .... Mountain Momma... ♪

♪ Take me home ... Country Rooooaaaddddddssssss ♪

Corvus Pointer had talked so much about how he loved the song "Take me Home, Country Roads" as authored by John Denver (though I personally do prefer Olivia Newton's cover of the song... no offense!). It is also no surprise to learn that one of his favorite Miyazaki films was indeed "Whisper of the Heart" where the song was used as part of the central theme for the movie. So I wanted to do my best to capture what I hope Corvus thinks about when he is reminded of his home.

I had to ask one of my favorite artists BGN to help capture the moment, especially since Corvus is also a big fan of BGN's works. I knew he would do a great job with the scenery, and I was only too happy to make this gift out to an artist that I have gotten to hear about his experiences. Hopefully one day maybe I will in fact be able to go on a road trip to Virginia with the bull man.

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