Undaunted Spear (Gavvar) by WindTide

Undaunted Spear (Gavvar)


1 December 2017 at 23:53:25 MST

Roaming around Ivalice as a warrior offered no dearth of danger and obstacles to over come, becoming a mercenary that lived to the next day so he may carve a name for himself. Between the various tasks that he fulfilled to his clients, he was able to acquire loot and gil to sustain his life style. The quicker that he finished his assignments, the less money he had to waste to sustain his quests. However even the loot that he received from a quest was more valuable than the pay itself, for uncommon materials were sometimes worth their weight in gold.

Gavvar was in need to update his armory with a new spear and a set of armor, the rust and wear of his current equipment starting to show since the last mission he was on. He sought out the aid of a hume blacksmith along with his moogle apprentice to craft him some new gear, having meet the pair during his travels. From what the Bangaa saw the blacksmith was beyond his peers in his craft, willing to pay the price asked by the black smith (which was marked down when the bangaa offered the raw materials from his supplies).

It was about a months passage before the Bangaa would hear back from the blacksmith who had delivered on his commission. While the Dragoon was able to keep himself sustained for the time that he waited, he could not take on the more promising quests that required the right kind of preparations. As he suited up in his new armor set, he grasped his pole arm tightly in both hands, feeling the armor keep close to his form and offer the mobility needed to fight.

Time to head out into the world.

A beautiful piece orchestrated by Requiem Beatz. I did not expect the picture to take on this form with the intricacies that was offered from a water color painter! It looks absolutely stunning and something I am proud to have as part of my collection of artwork.

Gavvar ©

WindTide WindTide

Art ©

requiembeatz requiembeatz

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