Country Music (Haw, Ryman, and Wind) by WindTide

Country Music (Haw, Ryman, and Wind)


30 November 2017 at 22:57:26 MST

Wind Tide can't say that Country Music was the top of his preferred style of music (since he was more into Rock), but this was a bit ridiculous sitting in between a banjo and a guitar with all the chords being played in cacophony. Needless to say, the fish was being polite as he sat on the stack of hay in his blue jeans and Californian In-N-Out burger shirt. The gesture was nice, but Wind couldn't say he was treated to the best auditory performance he had the pleasure to sit through.

Ryman seemed to be into the rhythm of his song (making the fish wonder if the horse was able to hear his tunes), all in the while Haw was letting the banjo go to town with every strum on the instrument. ""Yeah... that sounds good!" The donkey seemed to bray out, idly tapping his foot as the shark endured the torture that was "country music."

"Yeah.... sure......"

Gosh Darn it HAW! Looks like poor wind was suckered into some Country Music tunes. Don't worry there Wind, you'll be back before you know it to your computer listening to some REAL music (like Baby Metal!).

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