The Sheep's Tale (Seumas' Pub) by WindTide

The Sheep's Tale (Seumas' Pub)


30 November 2017 at 00:47:06 MST

This is the official sign for Seumas' pub, as it was originally inspired from a sketch that Vince doodled for me during a stream. I took the time to make it a bit cleaner in design, and my good buddy Akashi liked the idea sooooooo much that he would work on a different version. I gotta say I liked the initial sketch that he had, but I didn't realize he would make a paper sketch of it, so I did my own tweaking.

I had recently taken some interest in using Illustrator to make a vectorized version of the sign, and I gotta say the trace functionality was superb in making the transition easy for me. Now I have a crisp version at the ready to use for all my artwork!

The Sheep's Tale ©

WindTide WindTide

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    I could see this really being used for someone's business. Good work!