Haute Couture Model - Surfer (Wind) by WindTide

Haute Couture Model - Surfer (Wind)


21 November 2017 at 02:18:17 MST

Wind has the hookup with all the connections in town, and his good friend Akashi just happened to have a modeling shoot that would be perfect for the lifeguard to participate. They needed a "handsome" individual who wasn't camera shy and could model as a swimmer of sorts. Given his profession, a lifeguard would be able to easily meet those requirements.

This was a nice piece that I got from my good friend who was trying out his own artwork in fashion styles. It was a coincidence I had been educated in Haute Couture fashion when Akashi had a video for me to read. It is definitely one of my favorite pieces outside of the usual debauchery, and definitely count on more pictures being made in a similar style.

Wind Tide Β©

WindTide WindTide

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