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Hello! New site, new profile, same dude who writes sometimes. x3

Damn, I really need to write more, now that I think of it. Here's hoping that you guys enjoy the new ones coming on... Sooner or later.

Heh, at any rate, I'm all for taking trades if anyone is interested. If you're an artist and would like a story, I'll do my best to write one at a decent length for a picture. Just PM me with character details, personalities and such. To be honest, I'd really like a ref sheet of my main character, Windthor, so that I can get all his details down for if I'm ever able to commission someone eventually, heh.

For now, hope you enjoy the stories I post. ^_^



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Okay, so, as you probably know from my last submission, my internet's been down and I'm currently using my neighbor's to post this journal, so after I posted the last story, I figured I might as well give an update or two.

First off, again, I'm still writing. There's little else I can do between finding a job and watching my nieces, heh.

Currently, I'm in the process of writing a Spyro fanfiction that just started as something extremely simple, much like my RRS stories, just so there would be an excuse for some sex. However, it has since evolved into something a fair amount larger than that. In fact, the RTF file that I'm currently holding the whole thing on is 124 KB, and I feel like I'm far from over. Without giving too much away, it's basically a more mature spinoff from the original PS1 Spyro trilogy with a fair amount more violence and some swearing, and while there will be sexual implications, there won't be any explicit sexual scenes in the story itself. (Not that I haven't made bonus scenes. x3)

Also, Spyro and Sheila. I ship it. :3

I'm also writing more RRS stories, so no worries there, heh.

Hopefully I'll be able to get steady internet eventually. But, until then, catch you later! ^_^

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