Scetchdump by Windmelodie



14 October 2014 at 06:16:20 MDT

Scetchdump \o/
often I just have time for a scetch, especially at the train on my way home or to the office. Sometimes on meets too, when I just have my Scetchbook with me.

From left top to right bottom:
night fury, Birthdaygift for Jackwolf, thanks-gift for LordDoener, self-portrait with my dogs, me and my furrybrother vutez, horse requested by Pegasus, Badge for my mother, Blue and Mel dancing, elve and trying different hairstyles, headshot of Nikki, Headshot of Polaris, lovely pic of Blue and Mel, random leopard headshot, headshot couple ibex and dragon, balletdancer, headshot of DatNero, Fox Scetch, Scetch of my dragon Keenan.