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Apis by Windfalcon



A while ago ago I got an itch to draw a BIG SWIRLY TWISTY DRAGON WITH FEATHERY WINGS, and I sketched it out and then forgot about it. Once I got caught up on things, I finally got the time to finish it up.

Also I have no idea why, but I wanted to make it a BEE DRAGON. Or more accurately, a bee wyvern, since I'm pretty sure she doesn't have any hind feet.

Watercolor on soft-press Fabriano, 11X14 inches

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Visual / Traditional


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    Aahh this is truly amazing! Lovely colors and omg a bee wyvern is just too precious! Your watercolor work is amazing <3

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    Wooooow wow wow !!! This is totally amaaaazing ! I am captivated by this painting, and all of the details you've put into it. :D Do you use masking fluid on your paintings, by chance?

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      Dang it, I forgot to also ask if you would be OK with sharing this too: What brand of watercolors do you use? :)

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        Sure, you can share it with credit given :) Also I didn't use masking fluid for this, and I usually don't. I find it leaves edges that are too sharp and looks odd with watercolor, so I'm just really careful painting around lighter areas.

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        Also I use tube watercolors, various brands of Windsor and Newton, Daniel Smith, and Holbein.

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    this is perfect

    you are perfect

    plz never change

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    I think my heart just exploded!