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time is to change by Widdershins

time is to change


So I was testing how rusty I am with my traditional skills (this was the second attempt for it). A lot to still learn but luckily I not forgot that much like I thought I did :>

This was done a while ago but only recently I could scan it properly up, the photographed version looked very pale and bad.
And as always, used Abelas as subject since I am familiar with the character was good for the test!

Character belongs to Bioware, dragon age -

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Visual / Traditional


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    Your traditional skills ar sooooooo good! I followed your progress on tumblr, I am in absolute awe. I love your sense of colour and shapes!!!

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      Oh you did? Didnt know :D
      I was excited to get into traditional again, I gather mood so very hard for it and was afraid I forgot a lot.. I did forget some basic rules which digital media made me too lazy/comfortable with but not works traditionally, but beside that some things looks like I cant forget that easily.
      I still feel I must work a lot more with depth. I feel the work has no depth and the background+foreground washes into each other too much make the eye hard to separate it for now. I need to check some advices on this first to be able to avoid in my future watercolour pieces.
      I should practice this more, just this really takes a lot more time and my art to-do-list is freaking long @@