we shall not meet again by Widdershins

we shall not meet again


20 January 2015 at 10:16:10 MST

And another on the pile, shotmeplzthx :'D

Inspired by; http://path-of-sorrows.tumblr.com/post/108612251454/second-speculation-your-thoughts-of-after-the - another Abelas fanart. :'D

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    Wooooah, how did you do that gold effect? That looks so amazing :O

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      To bring out well the gold you need to play also the colour settings you place it into.
      I do use a gold paper texture as base, but to break its generic look I rubber into it with certain grunge and messy brushes so it a bit adopts my background tones and not stick out too much.

      If needed I do gradient tool overlay support for shade if needed or brighten parts I feel like it is needed.
      Gold not comes out that well with brighter tones though - unless you strictly avoid on the image to use too vivid tones and let only the gold part be vivid and sharp in its tone so it can a bit pop out which more or less reaches the right effect. But fed darker background helps it a lot while the effect itself is super easy to recreate with one single texture. :>

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        It really shows, how much effort you put into it :D Thank you for elaborating!

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    Still lovin' those backgrounds!