It's What I Do by Whyte Yote

It's What I Do

Whyte Yote

20 December 2012 at 09:37:57 MST

It's what I do.

You start with a blank page.

You always start with a blank page,

Because even when you think you know

You really don't know.

Write a word. "The" works just fine.

Now add a noun and maybe a verb,

Or a comma and a modifying phrase,

Just to make it more interesting.

Rinse. Repeat.

Swirl together from the ether of your mind

A character,

With back story and talents and motives

And, most important, faults.

Because faults lead to conflict,

And there is no story without conflict.

But you need another character for that...

Unless you're pitting your protag against himself.

Clever you.

Now give him or her friends, enemies, lovers,

Wrap them all up in a package tied

In a bow,

With twine,

Perhaps a throbbing knot.

It's what I do.

Your muse may take a day off,

But that's no excuse. Write a "The"

And go from there. Start in the middle of things,

See if it takes you to the end or a beginning.

Expose and narrate, but only if they're needed.

"To be" and passive voice can be friends if you don't take advantage.

Dialogue is not what you see in pornos.

If you listen carefully, you might just hear real life.

Mix gently with the writing utensil of your choice--

Pencil or pen, doesn't matter.

Or knead that dough with your fingers at 70 words per minute.

Or daydream your way through to the denouement.

Put on a shelf to age, and come back with fresh eyes.

Share with friends who won't judge you.

Polish to a patina, not a showroom shine

And display for all to see.

Humbly accept praise and know you are good.

Gratefully accept criticism and weed out the gems from the rocks.

Rinse and repeat.

It's what I do.


Photo by tym with my help.

Wonderful manipulation painting by kappy

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