Color Variations by WhiteMantis

Color Variations


12 November 2014 at 20:46:55 MST

I had posted this last night, but due to FA's slow performance I decided to delete the submission and reupload again with a better performance.

Anyway, these are some variations of Nae's kimono colors. I didn't want to get out of her character colorscheme of white, black, red and gold, so I made variations using the same colors. I'm pretty fond of them all!

The classic red is still her to-go, but the others are equally acceptable! I'm making them official!



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    Positively gorgeous. I love the Leiji Matsumoto influence. <3

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    Hey man, why change color schemes when you can do so much with the existing colors! They all look rad, too. Still really like the red one, but variety is always good 8D

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    cries I need to draw her in the first or second ones! They're so pretty!

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    Oooh! I really love her red one, but the black is a close second fave! They're all very pretty; Nae is one of my favorite characters. :3

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    No matter what she's wearing, she's always gorgeous!