Blade Under Mask: Crimson Descent by WhiteMantis

Blade Under Mask: Crimson Descent


7 November 2014 at 14:12:59 MST

Amid the autumnal crimson descent of leaves, Nae and Tetsuo share a quiet moment.


This is a bit of a return to the old style of illustrations I used for Blade Under Mask over the course of 2012! I still love doing pics like this!

And omg, what is this? Nae wearing a kimono that ISN'T the classic red one?! I've always wanted to draw her in an ivory colored kimono, and I think I rather like this! Official second set of clothes! XD


Nae, Tetsuo © WhiteMantis, from Blade Under Mask


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    You're art is always so fascinating. Love your characters so much. You are one of those artists that makes me want to art more!

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    Such a beautiful piece, the painting is absolutely fantastic and top notch stuff. Shading is some sexy work too, simply magnificent. Great layout, lighting and concept!

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    Kinda feels like a secret rendezvous with these two here. Not sure why :o