Blade Under Mask: Planetarium by WhiteMantis

Blade Under Mask: Planetarium


23 August 2014 at 17:09:05 MDT

That night stars collided in the air in a shimmering, ephemeral dance.

Two sparks in the night, holding their masks and speaking their hearts. One would listen bittersweet dreams, plans, expectations. Sparks like those are very special, for they carry the will to keep fluttering after the show is over.


Art, Blade Under Mask © WhiteMantis


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    Awesome firework effects. I really like the thing in the center of the square though. o3o And the night sky <3 Always love a good starry sky.

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    Fantastic Job! :D

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    This would make an awesome canvas print I think... Great for a staircase landing, where you turn half way up to continue to the next floor. :)

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    OMG, this is just so beautiful. The color transition is absolutely outstanding! Fantastic stuff, oh my goodness!!

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    Sublime sky-scape. @__@