Commission: Atarashi by WhiteMantis

Commission: Atarashi


17 June 2014 at 22:40:41 MDT

For atarashi atarashi who requested her fantastic kirin character Yggdrasil and the keywords "forest", "rain" and "life". Lots of fun. :3

Atarashi wrote something for this pic:

There are things the forest spirit cannot change. He cannot prevent bad things from happening. As he watches over his forest, quiet and reserved, always there to protect it. Ever watchful as death comes knocking - like black, polluted tar taking away everything he holds sacred. Where things wither and turn to dust he knows it's not necessarily an end. He is the protector of his realm after all. With a soft but heavy sigh, a gentle breeze brings rain. The water runs in silvery streams across the decay and rot, turning the soil the richest shade of brown. His scaled back grows slick and shiny, his thick mane sags at the weight of the water. He is undeterred, welcoming even, of the refreshing shower. A very airy humming starts, more beautiful than any sound ever heard. With his eyes sealed shut the sound buzzes through the wreckage, nearly vibrating through the ground. His body alive with light and hope - his pale blue eyes open once more, the humming continuing, and he can see new life sprouting from the deep dark earth. I will bring you back...


Art © WhiteMantis
Yggdrasil © Atarashi

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    The soft lighting in this really makes the atmosphere perfect. The melancholy is almost tangible.