Commission: Reaching the Stars by WhiteMantis

Commission: Reaching the Stars


20 May 2014 at 19:07:32 MDT

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The third image in the sequence for Coracroma! Coracroma figured out Nae's voice would be the only thing to put some reason in her friends' mind and calm them down a bit! So she decided to make Nae's voice the LOUDEST possible, by casting a growing spell on her! She grew a bit too much~!

Best way of cross the Celestial Golden Gate and meet The Lonely and Only without dying 8D

I'm very happy with how this turned out because it reminds me of those old manga pages (the ones with yellowish paper!) and I love it so much! ;3;

  coracroma is an incredible and amazing person, with a big heart (and I don't mean a macro heart!). It's always a pleasure to draw for her. ^^


Nae, Oojirasagi © WhiteMantis
Coracroma © Coracroma


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    And remember kids, don't do steroids.

    Awesome work WM!

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    Ahhh the lines on this remind me of a really, really old manga about a phoenix ;w; The couple I stayed with in Japan had a collection of older manga and I wish I could remember the name sobsob This is beautiful! <3 I would love to commission Sil in this style!

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      Old manga about a phoenix...the first thing that came to mind was "Hi no Tori" by Osamu Tezuka

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        Omg that's it!!! Thank you!!!

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          Glad I could help :D
          I only watched the 2000something Anime remake as my Japanese isn't good enough to read full blown mangas and novels but it instantly reminded me of it so I figured I'd give it a shot :)