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''I've missed you'' by WhiteMantis

''I've missed you''


Not canon/official! XD Just for fun!

For those who didn't see my journals, I entered on a brief hiatus since February 18th, due to a surgical procedure I had to go through. It impossibilitated me to use my arms properly for three weeks, and therefore, I couldn't draw or use the computer.

Now I'm back! I can use the PC and draw, with moderation, of course, for more 15 days, so I take it easy! Then it's freedom!

This image could apply to me and my computer too hahaha! It's traditional, and since I don't have a scanner, I took a photo from my cellphone and fixed some stuff on PS!

For now I only have this to post, but it's good to be back!

"I've missed you!"

Art, Nae, Kurohasu and Blade Under Mask are registered property of WhiteMantis. 2014


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    This is very much full of your emotions, so much happiness~ We're glad to have you back WhiteMantis ^^

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    Really great to see you back. Some really nice linework in this piece, really clean.